Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Cover Art for Reach For the Moon

Reach for the Moon is the prequel to Fall Into the Sun, and I'm writing it right now.

It features Bobby and Alejo at age 18, taking a road trip across New Mexico in December between their last two semesters of high school. Once again I'm lucky enough to have gorgeous cover art by Jordan Castillo Price.

See how she made the two cover arts and fonts similar (to reflect that both books belong to the same two-book series), but still very different with the colors.

I love the bright colors of Fall Into the Sun, but I love the stark, wintry hazy tones of Reach for the Moon even more. New Mexico really does look like this in the winter.

The greenish white luminosity of the Reach for the Moon cover is just lovely. In the Fall Into the Sun cover, the close-up face is Alejo, but in the Reach for the Moon cover, Jordan is thinking this is Bobby, and I agree. I'm already starting to see him that way!

(I'll have a more complete blurb for Reach for the Moon very soon, but you can add it to your Goodreads shelf here: Reach for the Moon).

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  1. Plus the colors on Reach for the Moon evoke memories. :)

  2. Chris, you're awesome! I hadn't thought of that. I like it.

  3. It's beautiful, Val! I actually like it better than the first.

  4. Thank you, KZ! I agree with you. As good as the first one is, this one conveys more to me.


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