Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Short Story coming soon.

This is Yours (Alejo and Bobby 1.5) is a free short story, written about Alejo and Bobby from Fall Into the Sun, and will be available for download on September 2. Here is its Goodreads page if you'd like to read the blurb, or add it to your shelf.

Here, I'm trying three things that I've never tried before:
(1) first-person viewpoint (Alejo). I normally write in third-person.
The other two things relate to a televised boxing match that becomes a big Fight Night event for Alejo's super-macho father:
(2) I'm describing real people: boxers Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard, and
(3) I'm describing a sport, boxing. Other than boxing, I know nothing about sports, so I've never tried any sportswriting.

But the boxing match is background, and the story centers on Alejo and Bobby -- specifically, how Alejo realizes, looking back to this night in 1980, that he and Bobby were destined to be together. There is sexual tension, but no sex scenes. You get an extended look at Alejo's relationship with his dad, which is a source of stress but also humor. The story, approximately 8,000 words, can be read as a stand-alone, but you'll get more out of it if you're already familiar with the characters from Fall into the Sun.

The sequel Reach for the Moon (Alejo and Bobby 2) is on target for release in late September, or early October. Written in alternating third-person, it will be about 100,000 words.

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  1. Woohoo! How cool, Val (and thanks in advance for a free read about Bobby and Alejo; they're really fascinating, engaging characters).

  2. You're welcome, Val. These characters are some of the most fully-realized I've come across in our genre. It's clear you've made an enormous investment in them.

  3. What a wonderful compliment! :D Thank you, KZ. They are definitely the characters I've most enjoyed writing about!


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