Monday, September 3, 2012

This is Yours

This is Yours (Alejo and Bobby series, # 1.5)
Contemporary gay romance
Cover Art by Val Kovalin
Wordcount: 11,000 words
Published September 2012
Price: Free $ 0.00
Sex scenes: none

Book Blurb:
Alejandro Sandoval + Roberto Gallegos = love forever. Alejo looks back to one night in June 1980, when he and Bobby were fourteen years old. Only days before, they realized their attraction to each other. But now, Alejo’s dad has invited over his buddies to watch the most anticipated boxing match of the year. Anything could happen during the fight. And anything could happen to Alejo and Bobby as they struggle to keep their newfound love secret while soaking up the macho atmosphere of Mr. Sandoval’s Fight Night. It is a night of love and revelations for Alejo and Bobby.


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