Wednesday, May 21, 2014

GREAT NEWS - I am reviewing again!

I am now reviewing romance novels at, which is the second largest information site for women on the worldwide web. So this is a big platform with a LOT of monthly traffic! I will write weekly reviews and promote them via a forum and a newsletter.

The exciting thing about this is that the Romance Novels site has only had one other host since the site first went live 15 years ago, and she only reviewed traditional male-female romance fiction. But now I can change that policy. I will be reviewing all types: traditional MF romances and romances with LGBT characters, which of course means lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered characters along with all the gay romance that I have always reviewed in the past. I'm not picky and all types of romance are welcome.

I'm excited about the opportunity to help bring LGBT romance fiction to the attention of a big mainstream audience of romance readers that might not have otherwise been aware of it. I recently posted two reviews: one for the very excellent Mind Games by Carolyn Crane (traditional MF romance) and one for the equally excellent Out in the Field by Kate McMurray (gay romance) and to my surprise, the gay romance review is now doing better in terms of traffic than the traditional romance review! And this is with a mainstream romance readership!

I am open to receiving review copies from authors of traditional (male-female), gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered romances. Authors and readers, please look here for an in-depth explanation of my review policy for the Romance Novels site.

Also, if anybody would like to promote his or her book blurb in the Romance Novels forum, please feel free to do so on the following PROMO threads:

PROMO thread for LGBT romances

PROMO thread for Traditional romances

You will have to establish a free forum account, but it's worth it. Then I think you have to make a small number of posts first before you are allowed to include a buy link (or any link) with your blurb, but you can email the link to me and I'll put it in for you. :)


  1. Awesome news! Good luck!

  2. Well done, you! Great to have you back! :)

  3. Thank you, Kassa and Anne! I'm really looking forward to it. :D


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