Monday, January 30, 2012

Fall Into the Sun now available for purchase

Fall Into the Sun is now available for purchase at both for Kindle and All Romance Ebooks in PDF, EPUB, and PRC, at $2.99 for 41,000 words of contemporary gay romance.

However, there is still time for you to win one of five copies by leaving a comment expressing interest at Chris's blog Stumbling Over Chaos.

(And you can also add the book to your TBR shelf on


  1. Thank you, Chris! It's good to get it out there. :D

  2. First of all, it's your fault that I was late for work today. I discovered your blog yesterday evening around 5-ish, and next thing I knew, I was still referring to it until half past one this morning. So yeah, I overslept.

    AnyHOO, your blog inspired me so much that I bought six of your books a little while ago on Amazon. :) Can't wait to read "Fall Into the Sun," (congrats on your new release, btw!), "Wicked Cool," and your "How to Write..." books.

    P.S. My amazon account says some of my orders are "Currently being processed," even though all the books are fully downloaded to my Kindle app for PC. Weird.

  3. Anonymous, that's awesome! Especially since my blog made you late for work, ha, ha! I'm so pleased the blog info worked for you, and I hope you enjoy the books. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment and letting me know! Best, Val

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  5. Val, I read Fall Into the Sun yesterday.

    I swear, nobody writing in this genre captures the feel of geographically unique populations the way you do -- without pulling any punches, yet without resorting to stereotypes. Such easy authority, especially laced with real compassion, is rare.

    And holy crap, girl, there wasn't a single typo in the whole novella! That was one delightfully clean manuscript. :)

  6. Thank you, KZ! That's a wonderful compliment. :)


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