Friday, January 27, 2012

Fall Into the Sun

Fall Into the Sun
Contemporary gay romance
Cover Art by Jordan Castillo Price
Wordcount: 41,000 words
Published January 2012
Price: $2.99

Book Blurb:
They should have spent the past 22 years together, but life took some unexpected turns for Bobby Gallegos and Alejo Sandoval. Heartbreak and rejection can harden the hearts of two passionate, stubborn men. One, deeply devout, wanted to attend college. One, who perfected a tough act to deceive his brothers, might have followed his dad to prison. Now, at 40 years old, they maintain a long-distance relationship as sex buddies, who don't quite trust each other.

Their lives have sharply diverged. One is now divorced with two teenagers, who bring him joy and despair. One has just had a near-death experience on the job. When Bobby returns to Albuquerque, he will use sex, persuasion, and memories of their shared past to try to convince Alejo to take a chance on him and reach for the future together that they were meant to share.

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"It's a beautiful book. It's sweet, but surely is not sugary sweet. Sometimes, it's heart wrenching, but it's never really too angsty[...]"
From Arthur Bedwyr at 5 stars out of 5 stars.

"I found Fall Into The Sun a well-thought-out tale about coming to realize what counts in life, and a romantic, emotional and very enjoyable read. Recommended."
From Feliz Faber at, 5 stars out of 5 stars